FOGO Method!

The goal with our programming and group coaching is to create a comfortable environment that allows any fitness level to walk in and feel like they can achieve their goals with us. Our 1 hour sessions are designed to challenge but be fully adjustable to the individual. Our coaches explain and teach technique in a group setting but always provide you with personal attention. This is to help your Strength, Endurance and Aerobic Capacity grow at the pace that you can handle.

We have created a fusion of *Undulating Periodization with the CrossFit training methodology which allows us to create macrocycles (long training cycles), mesocycles (smaller cycles within the macrocycle), and microcycles (short focused) that ensure constant progress. With our coach’s dedicated to providing elite instruction and demonstrating how to do each movement efficiently and safely.

*By combining Linear & Undulating periodization we’re able to build a more balanced program, you can train muscle endurance/hypertrophy, strength/hypertrophy, raw strength, and power all within the weekly microcycles.